LS Boards

Ready to revolutionize your website’s user interaction? Look no further than LS Boards, an innovative Premium WordPress plugin. Perfect for hosting exciting events, conducting captivating contests, or coordinating unforgettable giveaways, LS Boards provides a versatile platform for unique and engaging user experiences.

Adding to its versatility, LS Boards can optionally integrate with WooCommerce, adding an extra layer of excitement to your customer’s shopping journey. After a purchase, users have the opportunity to select a square on one of the dynamic boards we offer. However, WooCommerce integration is not a requirement. LS Boards is designed to operate independently on WordPress, offering adaptability for all websites, even those without an eCommerce setup.


WordPress 6.3 or higher
WooCommerce 8.4 or higher (optional, the plugin can function without WooCommerce)

Board Types and Demos

DEMOADMIN25 Square Board With 25 Squares, each participant has multiple chances to win based on the final scores of selected basketball, football, or soccer games.
DEMOADMIN100 Square BoardOffering a grander field of 100 Squares, winners are chosen based on the end scores of your selected basketball, football, or soccer games.
DEMOADMIN70 Square BoardSquares from 01 to 70
DEMOADMIN100 Square BoardSquares from 00 to 99
DEMOADMIN1,000 Square BoardSquares from 000-999 or 0.00 to 9.99
DEMOADMIN4,900 Square BoardSquares from 00-00 to 70-70
DEMOADMIN10,000 Square BoardSquares from 0000-9999 or 00-00 to 99-99 or 00.00 to 99.99
DEMOADMIN100,000 Square Board Squares from 00000-99999
DEMOADMINCustom Square Board This allows for any boards up to 100,000 Squares


  • Winner Selection
    • Sports Boards: Winners are determined based on the final scores of selected basketball, football, or soccer games.
    • Squares Boards: Winners are determined by matching squares with public data such as lottery numbers, or using stock market closing prices or even pulling balls from a hat or bowl, the choice is yours.
    • Select up to 5 Winners, the Board publicly displays which Squares won.
  • WooCommerce Integration
    • Set amount of squares per item or category – this allows different levels and discounts for more squares
    • Optionally Limit entries for multiple quantity
    • Assign Skill Based Questions to checkout transactions, prevent transaction if the question is answered incorrectly
    • Users can pick their own entries or select random picks at Checkout
  • Squares Boards Features
    • Users can click on an empty square which will redirect them to the product page
    • Users can see exiting entries and who owns them, this information is partially redacted by default
  • Administration Features
    • Password Protect Boards
    • Forms based Management Link with non WP user integration – This allows users to manage entries without being a wordpress user for enhanced security
    • Customize Board Colors, Delimiters (example: for 10,000 Squares you might want 0000-9999 or 00-00 to 99-99)
    • Shortcodes for Boards, Management Pages, Statistics, Countdown, Lookup

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